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image of notary with older couple to set up estate planning documents


Future Proof Your Legacy

We are your notary expert here to ensure your wishes are not just heard, but officially notarized. Estate planning is like crafting a roadmap for your legacy, and trust documents ensure your assets are in safe hands. Let us add the notary stamp to your legacy. 

Why Do I Need Estate Planning Documents Notarized?

Life is unpredictable, and that's where Estate Planning & Trust Documents swoop in. Why? Because leaving your legacy to chance isn't an option. 

Whether you're safeguarding assets, planning for the future, or ensuring a smooth transition, our notary expert brings peace of mind. It's not just about paperwork; it's about securing your tomorrow, today. 

How It Works

  1. Reach Out: Book an appointment online, request a complimentary quote, or contact us to schedule a mobile notary appointment. We're here to accommodate your schedule, offering flexibility with evening and weekend options. 

  2. Choose the Location: No need to budge, our mobile notary brings the official stamp to you. 

  3. ID Verification: Have an unexpired, photo ID ready for verification. 

  4. That's a Wrap! Watch as your legacy gets the official notary stamp. Now your documents are ready to stand as guardians of your legacy.


"I highly recommend Harlie Collins of Collins Notary Studio for your notary needs! Her professionalism and accuracy was top notch when she helped my husband and I execute several documents today--thanks so much, Harlie!"


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