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Educational Documents

Welcome to our guide on notarizing educational documents, where we shed light on the types of documents involved, their significance, and the valuable benefits of having them notarized, especially for international use.


Currently, we offer mobile notary services in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas, such as Cedar Park, Georgetown, Hutto, Liberty Hill, Pflugerville, and Round Rock. Additionally, our services extend nationwide with remote online notarizations.

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Academic Certifications

These documents serve as evidence of specialized training, workshops, or professional development courses. Notarizing academic certifications ensures their legitimacy and validity in professional contexts.

Importance of Notarizing Educational Documents

When pursuing educational or career opportunities abroad, notarized transcripts or qualifications are regarded and accepted by foreign institutions, employers, and immigration authorities. Additionally, notarization acts as a safeguard against fraudulent representation, provides legal validation to your achievements, and is oftentimes necessary for foreign students applying to study in a different country or seeking educational equivalencies.

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Let us assist you in securing the authenticity and credibility of your educational records.Whether you prefer the convenience of Mobile Notarizations or the accessibility of Remote Online Notarizations​, we've got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits in unlocking your global opportunities.

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