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Quick & Reliable Services

Say hello to remote online notarization, where you can forget the in-person fuss and get your documents notarized from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you fancy). It's not just about convenience, it's about making notarizations accessible efficient, and secure. Ready to notarize in your PJs? We've got you covered. 

Why Do I Need Online Notary Services?

Life moves fast, and so should your notarization. Collins Notary Studio brings you remote online notary services, providing you with easier access to state-licensed notary publics with more timely convenience.

Online notarizations also offer minimized risk of fraud that comes hand-in-hand with better digital identity verification. Curious about document integrity? With RON, it's a non-issue as your documents stay as pristine as the day you first met them.

How It Works

  1. Reach Out: Schedule your appointment online and we'll send you an email invite to our virtual appointment space.

  2. Credential Analysis: Grab your coffee and ID; we're going digital but still need to verify it's really you. Here, you'll upload a photo of your unexpired ID. 

  3. Complete Knowledge-based Authentication questions: This adds an extra layer of security, asking you specific questions that only you would know the answers to like previous addresses, financial history, etc. 

  4. Secure Signing: Watch as we digitally stamp your document with the same authority as an in-person notary. 

  5. Done and Delivered! Following the appointment you will receive a notarized copy of y our document along with a recording of the session.


"I highly recommend Harlie Collins of Collins Notary Studio for your notary needs! Her professionalism and accuracy was top notch when she helped my husband and I execute several documents today--thanks so much, Harlie!"


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